Solution for Smart and Innovative Animal Production

Smart Agritech Solution of Sweden, a high-tech company developing Pig Scale, a digital solution for smart and innovative animal production. The company was founded in 2016 by a pig producer, a butcher and a technician. Today, we improve processes and inspections for pig producers.

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Pig Scale – Digital Scaling

Pig Scale is a digital camera solution for weighing pigs automatically for a consistent and more accurate finishing weight. Read more about Pig Scale here.

What is the value of using Pig Scale? See this film to find out.

See this film to learn more about how to use Pig Scale.

Early September, 2019, we successfully installed our first test of the system Pig Scale at Riverbend Pork Group in Australia. The system will validate the weighing algorithm and save images of any deviations from the intended growth curve.